When an assignment requires multiple executions, the core challenge is to first develop a strong visual identity. Once established, a distinct visual signature will allow our designers to create new variations with ease, and enable our clients to project a cohesive look and feel across all of their marketing materials.


GE Rio Olympic Games - Athletes in Motion

GE Rio Olympics: Complete identity system - Brochures and Trade Collateral, Beach Towels, Shirts, Lapel Pins, Postcards, etc.

We created the "Athletes in Motion" identity system for GE's sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. No small feat. For this massive design project we were asked to bring together the dynamism of GE's brand with the vibrancy and color associated with Rio de Janeiro and the look of the Games. Our lapel pin designs featured movable athletes propelled along a die-cut slider.

Athlete illustrations by Chris Lyons, pin and card illustrations by Dan Fallon


GE Minds and Machines

GE Minds and Machines: White Paper, Infographics

GE’s ‘Big Data’ innovations have led to efficiencies that were impossible before the recent rise of the Industrial Internet. GE’s ‘Minds and Machines’ introduced a multi-year, multi-product group of ‘Big Data’ software and analytical services. Our white paper and infographics were featured in GE’s announcement events, on GE’s websites and in multiple business press reports.


GE Sochi Olympics

GE Sochi Olympics: Visitor Packet, Technology Booklet

We designed a bilingual visitor information packet including a 16-page brochure that showcased the green technologies GE used to help power the games; as well as the advanced medical imaging technologies GE made available to the sports physicians and athletes’ health care providers.


GE Power Generation

GE Power Generation: Internet Banners, Illustrations

GE wanted to highlight how innovations and improvements in data analytics and power generation compared to the days before the Industrial Internet. We produced 14 graphic internet banners, each featuring a different story.


GE Grid IQ Insight

GE Grid IQ Insight: White Paper, Infographics, Interactive

Grid IQ Insight combines GE’s power grid expertise with innovative utility analytics. This new technology service helps utilities become more efficient by increasing the power generated by their existing equipment. We designed the Grid IQ Insight white paper and several infographics for the Grid IQ Insight web pages.


KTR Capital Partners

KTR Capital Partners: Illustrations, Graphics, Marketing Booklet

KTR Capital Partners is an industrial real estate developer that provides warehousing, distribution and logistics for retail and commercial companies in major US hubs. We were asked to create a new look and feel for their marketing and collateral materials. KTR Capital Partners was acquired by Prologis, Inc. in April 2015.


Goat Cheeses of France

Goat Cheeses of France: Logo, Illustration, Graphics, Website

The French government wanted to develop a unified marketing program for all French goat cheese brands sold in the US. We were asked to design a logo, graphic visual, website and style guide for this important branding debut. “The Original Chèvre” is the first U.S. campaign for French goat cheeses.


Marketa Shop

Marketa Shop by Costas Spiliadis: Logo, Illustration, Business Cards, Menus, Packaging

Costas Spiliadis, the owner of Milos restaurants, wanted to create a new brand of Greek specialty foods to be sold at Milos’ six international locations and a new flagship store located near Milos New York. We created the logo, store-front graphics, business cards, napkins, cheese papers, menus and the packaging for dozens of food products.


Domaine Katsaros

Domaine Katsaros: Packaging, Illustration

Located on the eastern slopes of Mount Olympus, Greece, Domaine Katsaros is a small privately-owned, twenty-acre vineyard and winery that produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. We designed a unique label for each wine while maintaining the look and feel of a single brand family.


Toots The Movie

Toots The Movie: Poster, Event Promotions, Website, Title Animation

‘Toots’ is an award-winning documentary about the life of famed saloon keeper Toots Shor. It tells the story of the most famous New York gathering spot of Hollywood royalty during the 50’s and 60’s. We designed the movie poster, website, screening invitations and the movie’s opening title credits.


The Merrion Condominium

The Merrion Condominium: Logo, Tagline, Marketing Booklet, Illustration

This historic New York apartment building underwent an expansive restoration and was named ‘The Merrion.’ The new Merrion Condominium asked us to create a marketing booklet that displayed the new luxury amenities while also highlighting the building’s old-world charm. We collaborated with architects, 3D artists and map-makers to create this comprehensive sales booklet.


Angelo, Gordon & Company

Angelo, Gordon & Company: Brochures, Marketing Booklets, Advertising, Kiosk, Photography

Angelo, Gordon & Co. is a privately-held registered investment advisor dedicated to alternative investing. We have designed a range of marketing materials for Angelo, Gordon & Co. including brochures, ads, trade show kiosk, and an Asian real estate booklet written in Chinese.


John Mayer ‘Room For Squares’

John Mayer ‘Room For Squares’: Album Cover, CD Booklet

We worked closely with John to create this periodic table inspired packaging for his debut masterpiece ‘Room for Squares.’ We were delighted to receive a RIAA certified double-platinum commemoration when album sales exceeded 2 million. ‘Room for Squares’ remains John Mayer’s best-selling album to date with sales well over 4.4 million.


Catalyst Films

Catalyst Films: Logo, Business Card, Website

Founded by Emmy-nominated director/producer Kristi Jacobson, Catalyst Films develops and produces award-winning nonfiction feature films, television series and web content. Kristi asked us to create a clean, simple look for her logo and website.